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Project Description


Bloomville is the strategic partner for all Dutch companies that value the development and employability of their staff. Bloomville facilitates these companies as Learning Service partner through IT-support systems, HRD-and LMS-consultants. Bloomville offers a state-of-the-art IT-platform as well as all connected services.

The loss of the founder, driving force and CEO of Bloomville was a heavy blow to the Bloomville organisation. Braver Investments was asked to participate in Bloomville to ensure continuity through growth and profitability. Braver has taken over the majority shareholding of the heirs of the founder and assists management in restoring profitability thus ensuring continuity. Management is presently focussing on quality-management and expansion of the customer base for the state-of-the-art IT-platform and connected services that Bloomville offers.

Divested in 2022.